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15,000 Pounds of Food and Resources Distributed Posted May 26, 2015 By admin

On May 2, 15,000 pounds of beans, corn flour, rice, sugar, salt, and cooking oil were distributed from the Buckeye Clinic.  1,350 families, 6,750 people were served.  Many women and children had just returned from the Internally Displaced People (IDP) […]

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Cell Phone Charging Station Built Posted Apr 25, 2015 By admin

The Buckeye Clinic provides a cell phone charging station in Piol, South Sudan. One year ago cell phone coverage became available in the Piol area. The Buckeye Clinic has the only electricity within a radius of 20 miles.

Security Fence and Emergency Medical Transport Posted Apr 11, 2015 By admin

The Buckeye Clinic provides a security fence and Emergency Medical Transport in Piol, South Sudan.  In March, a fence which surrounds the clinic compound and encloses a two-football field size area was constructed.

One Year After Civil War Erupted Posted Dec 15, 2014 By admin

One year ago today, on December 15, civil war broke out in South Sudan.  Tens of thousands of people have been killed and almost 2,000,000 people have been displaced from their homes, and are hiding in swampy areas near the […]

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